News, Notes, and Items of Interest
Amazing block special
$5 for 500G block, buy 3 get 1 free  Posted on Oct 13, 2019 12:00 -0400

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since we ran a block special and we’ve had numerous emails asking when the next one will be..

Over the next few days we’ll run a 500G block for $5. As a special bonus, if you purchase three blocks we’ll give you a fourth one free. Unfortunately our billing software isn’t flexible enough to do the forth block automatically, so a quick email to [email protected] is required to claim your free block.

Coupon code INDIGENOUS

Grab one now!

Core router reboot
Ack, core router update requires reboot  Posted on Jun 28, 2019 12:00 -0400

Hello everyone. We’ll be in the datacenter over the next few days doing a few upgrades. At the top of the list is a firmware (Junos) update to our core routers. Unfortunately the update requires a reboot which will cause service interruption. We’ll take advantage of the reboot time to also double the capacity (additional network connections) from our core routers to core switching. Our peering servers in Europe will backlog articles while the US routers are rebooting. We don’t expect any lost articles etc but all customer connections will be reset and unavailable while the routers reboot and BGP routing converges (~10min). We expect the router update to take place on Saturday (June 29th) in the afternoon (our slow period).

We’ll update once the reboot is complete.


Upgrades complete. Total downtime ended up being closer to 15min due to some unforeseen snags.

There may be some instability today
Backend changes afoot  Posted on Jun 13, 2019 12:00 -0400

We’re making a few significant changes to our backend systems today and it may cause some instability. We think we can do these changes without any downtime… If there are issues they shouldn’t last for long periods of time. No articles will be lost/dropped/etc, only delayed a few moments.

Additional transit provider
We added another phat pipe.  Posted on Jun 7, 2019 12:00 -0400

Hello everyone. We just finished turning up a new internet transit/backbone connection to Cogent. We use BGP to select our routes and around 20% of our user traffic is now flowing out the new connection (because it’s a better/shorter path). The new connection is just one of the ways we’re working to make our user experience as fast as possible.

Black Friday 2018
How about some Usenet to help digest that turkey?  Posted on Nov 22, 2018 12:00 -0400

Now that everyone has probably had more than enough turkey, how about a few Black Friday deals for 2018?

We’re offering our yearly unlimited account for $40/yr.

Coupon code 40BFY

12mo unlimited for $40

Great deal on block accounts also!

Coupon code 5for500

500G block for $5