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What is Usenet?
Usenet is a worldwide network that pre-dates the Internet. With a focus on exchanging information on a multitude of subjects, they are all organized in topic-specific “newsgroups”. Usenet is a stand-alone platform and solely requires an online connection to access it with a UsenetExpress account.

You can find more information about the Usenet here:

Who is UsenetExpress?
UsenetExpress provides premium Usenet access and features. UsenetExpress is known to offer some of the best retention, completion and speeds in the industry. We constantly strive and update our systems to remain one of the best and most useful Internet services available anywhere.
What is a ‘connection’?
A connection refers to one or multiple sessions that your newsreader opens with our servers. Multiple connections helps you maximize your download speed.
How do I retrieve my username and password?
If you are unable to access the members area for UsenetExpress, please try to reset them using our Forgot Password page. In order to be able to reset, you must utilize the email address entered at signup and/or matches your account profile.
What methods of payment does UsenetExpress accept?
UsenetExpress currently accepts online payments via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), Paypal, and Bitcoin.
What is a newsreader?
A newsreader works just like a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and is needed in order to access Usenet newsgroups. These newsgroups allow you to find specific content on the Usenet and to take part in discussions and share information.

For must customers we would recommend Newsbin as your newsreader.
What newsreader software do you recommend?
Different newsreaders will appeal to different customers based on how they use Usenet. In general we recommend using Newsbin as your newsreader. It’s an excellent starting point for someone looking for a full featured newsreader.
Does UsenetExpress limit download speeds?
UsenetExpress does not limit download speeds in any capacity. Download speeds are heavily dependent on the size of your connection and the path between our servers and you. You will be able to access Usenet at the same speed available that your ISP allows.
What newsgroups does your service offer?
We currently provide access and support to over 140,000 newsgroups.
What is an SSL encrypted Usenet connection?
SSL-Encryption (Secure Socket Layer) is a method for protecting your information as you use your Usenet account. The SSL connection ensures that all data passed between our Usenet servers and your connection remain private and secure
Why do you have multiple SSL ports?
Our default port of 563 is configured to accept TLSv1.0 or better connections. Both SSL 2.0 and 3.0 have been deprecated by the IETF are are considered insecure. We suggest using TLS v1.2 or v1.3.
You mention being a Tier 1 provider, do you run your own spools/farms?
Yes, we run our own spools and transit servers. Currently our spool set isn’t as “deep” since it takes time to build retention. To supplement our spools we have agreements with other providers for older articles. Our internal numbers show around 94% of requests being fulfilled by our own spools. This number will grow as we add retention.
How many simultaneous Usenet connections do you allow?
UsenetExpress allows up to 50 connections with our accounts. For an additional fee, any account can be upgraded to a maximum of 150 connections. Much more than any of our competitors. Allowing ridiculous speed!
What ports and server addresses can I use with UsenetExpress?
UsenetExpress uses these addresses for our Usenet service



the following ports are available on those servers.

563 or 443 for SSL (TLS 1.0+).

564 for old SSL clients (insecure ciphers).

119, 23, or 80 without SSL enabled.
Do you log what I download?
Absolutely not. UsenetExpress does not and can not log what you download. The only thing that we are able to determine is the volume of information that you download, but not any of the content. Additionally, our SSL encrypted connections help protect your online privacy when using our high speed network.
Can I share my UsenetExpress account with other people?
No. We only allow connection from one IP address at a time. For example if you are connected from one computer and attempt to connect from another computer with a different IP address the second connection will be refused.
When I Use Paypal, how can I be Anonymous?
If you wish to remain anonymous when paying, it requires some discipline, you need to purchase a Visa gift card from a supermarket or drug store. They come in common denominations.

Then using a proxy server, or using Tor, activate the card. Do not use your real name or address.

Still using the proxy, sign-up for an e-mail address; we recommend HushMail.com, but any of them will do. Have a look at: http://www.prxbx.com/email/ for some more options. You will use this e-mail.

Staying with the proxy, sign-up for the service, push the Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button.

Once at Paypal, click the link “Don’t have a Paypal Account”, from there you will be able to use your gift card to pay for the service.

The key here is to not expose your IP address, or use any personal details at any point in the process.
What is the best way to make a request or suggestion?
E-mail us at [email protected] or open a helpdesk ticket in the members area. We welcome any ideas that can make the service better!
How can I cancel my recurring subscription?
Active subscriptions can be canceled in our members area located at https://members.usenetexpress.com/. Once logged in, you will see a list of active subscriptions with the option to cancel next to each. Or, if you prefer you can e-mail [email protected] with your request to cancel.